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Connectivity Solutions

The present framework has been significantly impacted by the development of organizations from single to multi-national companies. IP-based communication tools such as e-mail, instant messaging, mobile phones and videoconferencing have turned out to be progressively merged. This change has helped with declining costs and streamlining communication channels among associates, accomplices, sellers and clients.

Tecomsa gives Convergent Communication arrangements that streamline the capacity to course communication, at last diminishing errors related with human interaction. Together with the present diminishing expense of transmission capacity, Voice Over IP (VoIP) helps in directing communication over different channels. This thus enhances client profitability, converting into business productivity and empowering quicker and more extravagant joint effort inside and outside the venture.

Contact Centers

With our regional footprint, we help customers grow across geographical boundaries by setting up robust and resilient voice and data networks across the continent. We have fostered strategic partnerships with most contact center technology OEMs to offer best-in-breed solutions. Our contact center solutions drive higher performance throughout enterprises by improving the quality and value of customer interactions. Our contact centers solutions cover:

  • Inbound/outbound Voice Solutions
  • Proactive/Predictive dialing
  • Calling Recording
  • IVR
  • Real-time customer service management
  • Work force optimization

Conferencing (Audio/Video)

Conferencing has emerged as an important collaborative tool that arrests handicaps of travel and geography, while drastically reducing the burden of time and travel costs. Our conference solutions are feature rich, scalable and customized for anywhere between a single end-point to a conference room environment. In addition, our Videoconferencing and Tele-Presence offerings provide the most effective, natural and lifelike boardroom communication experiences available in the country.

Telephony (Analog/Digital/IP)

TECOMSA offers telephony solutions from multiple leading global technology vendors. We ensure clients benefit from the most appropriate service-oriented solutions, without compromising the communication experience for the end users. Tecomsa provides telephony solutions that allow for a scalable base at a single location/geography to multiple locations and geographies.


Cisco’s Videoconferencing brings everyone face-to-face, everywhere. It is the most effective, natural and lifelike communications experience available. Cisco puts people back at the center of the collaboration and video experience, empowering them to work together in new ways to transform business and do more with less.